At Origin by Ocean, our founding team, along with our colleagues and our board of advisors, are all committed to the vision of creating a business based upon one sustainable goal: a natural balance of ocean life.



Mari Granström

Chief Science Activist, PhD, Organic Chem.

“Ever since I started my degree, I’ve always been enthusiastic about new biomaterials and biorefinery concepts.

For five years, Ive been working on how to create value from this massive global problem and turn it into a profitable and sustainable business.”

Mikael Westerlund
Chief Business Activist, MBA, BSc Eng

“I’m a business executive with an extensive international background with a great passion for nature.

The technology and process that we’ve created at Origin by Ocean is a solution for both our environment and the growing demand for plant-based products in industrial applications.”

Ari Ruuskanen
Lead Biomass Activist
Gayatrhi Murukesan
Lead Algae Science Activist
Régis Delatouche
Lead Science Activist
Hanna Haajanen
Product Application Activist Trainee
Markus Lehtonen
Science Activist Trainee
Marttin Peitsara
Analytics Science Activist trainee
Lilli Torres
Labtech Activist
Stefan Sjöholm
Environmenta Engineer trainee Activist
Susanna Berghäll
Senior Labtech Activist

Our Board of Advisors

Marianne Saarikko-Janson

NoAsshole Company, Entrepreneur
Founder of Fondia Oyj

Matti Vikkula

CEO of Scandinavian Biogas Ab
Former CEO of Ruukki Group

Christian Ivars

Former CEO of Jujo Paper Oy

Alberto Carrero

Business Executive Coach, former Executive of Red Bull

Mårten Janson

CEO of NoAsshole Company
Founder of Fondia Oyj

Jari Latvanen

CEO of Stockmann Oyj
Former CEO of HKScan Oyj

Mathias Bergman

Former Permanent Secretary of BSAG

Jari Onniselkä

CEO of Jason Capital Oy
Former CEO, CFO of Empower Group Oy

Leif Hilden

CEO of Innohill
Former VP Strategic Planning, VP of R&D Fermion