Our Story

The eutrophication of oceans, a consequence of agricultural nutrient overflow, and high levels of pollution is a serious danger to many coastal marine ecosystems around the world. Algae bloom limit light penetration, reducing growth and causing the death of other plants. This process suffocates entire ecosystems.

We also know that algae and seaweeds are filled with nature’s building blocks and provide an endless pool of sustainable and healthy ingredients for various human applications.

These two facts and their combined potential sparked our curiosity.

Mikael was born in Nagu, amid the Turku archipelago at the southern tip of Finland, on the shores of the Baltic Sea – so it’s his home and close to heart. He’s loves the area and the overall well-being of the natural world. Mari is passionate about sustainability and bio-based solutions that respect nature’s resources. She’s both a scientist and an urban activist.

As founders, we discovered a common purpose in solving a global environmental issue. Our innovation is to make good use of algae which is everywhere. Algae are a true marvel of the natural world that have not been seen as a viable crop to grow and harvest. What if we started to develop this huge unused potential for more sustainable products, enhancing both our daily lives and the natural world at the same time?


Compounds extracted from algae are already used in food, cosmetics and medicines, across a diverse range of products as different as ice cream and body lotion. Currently, these products are mainly produced in Asia under non-sustainable conditions, for distribution around the world, including Europe.

Our values


We encourage each other to grow in knowledge, skills, teamwork, responsibility, and scope. We believe that people will exceed expectations when given the freedom to do so.


Everyone at Origin by Ocean sincerely tries to be fair with each other, our family members, our suppliers, our customers, and anyone else with whom we interact.


All the decisions we make are measured against a sustainability checkpoint – that we create value by improving our habitat through innovation and the sustainable use of our planet’s biomass and other resources. 


We are commited to our reason for existense. We do not assign tasks as such. Instead, we each make our personal commitments and keep them.

Our objectives

As entrepreneurs, we are motivated to build a global company which takes the lead in solving environmental issues with a new approach.

We aim to build a business ecosystem of like-minded partners who work towards creating value while solving environmental issues in our oceans.

We strive to b the most innovative producer of algae-based raw materials, creating nutritional balance in our oceans in the process.

As a business, we aim to be worth €50 million by the end of 2029. To reach that goal, our target is to commercialise our products and have a strong foothold in the market by 2027.

Our vision

A better planet for all of us, through sustainable use of forested and harvested marine biomass from our oceans.

Our mission

Cleaner water, cleaner oceans, cleaner life.