Use Cases

Seaweeds and algae are filled with nature’s building blocks and provide an endless pool of sustainable and healthy plant-based ingredients for various applications.

We have explored only a fraction of what the ocean’s orchard has to offer and our curiosity is taking us further in this collaboration with the seas. We respect nature and its fragile ecosystem by only using sustainably farmed bladderwrack in the Baltic Sea, and we help the world’s oceans by creating new value chains from environmental problems like sargassum or blue-green algae. 

Many of the natural substances we extract are water-soluble biopolymers such as hydrocolloids, but we also obtain smaller molecules like phytosterols and sugars. Our hydrocolloids have many attributes such as viscosifier, rheology modifier, and gel formation to facilitate the structural and textural properties of your formulation. These hydrocolloids are superior in their film forming and foaming properties, as well as theirability to form fibres. The phytosterols and biopolymers we produce can also offer health benefits as either pharmaceutical ingredients or food ingredients.  

These are just a few examples of the potential available in algae and seaweeds. There will be a lot more to come.