Our Solution

Bringing the balance to ocean life.

1. Farm & Harvest

Feed from blue-green algae & bladderwrack

Industrial-scale collection of blue-green algae and large-scale bladderwrack farming

2. Refine

Our first neo-ecology refinery will process 30.000 wet tons of blue-green algae and 50.000 wet tons of bladderwrack annually.

3. Apply

Global and domestic industry customers can utilise extracted components in their products

For this purpose, the neoecology refinery will produce 10.000 dry tons of biomolecule products.

4. Purify

The extraction of blue-green algae and bladderwrack aquaculture, the sea we operate in is purified.

Resulting in annual total nutrient removal from the Baltic Sea of

  • ~90 tons phosphorous
  • ~900 tons of nitrogen

Harmful algae blooms are getting bigger and lasting longer in our era of climate change and fertiliser run-off. The blooms already cause hundreds of millions of dollars of annual losses to fishermen and tourist economies around the world.