Reviving the oceans with profit

The global demand for seaweed is expanding. The commercial seaweed market could surpass US$85 billion by 2026.

We can revive the oceans with profit by addressing the global environmental challenge of the artificial nutrient overload of our oceans.

At Origin by Ocean, we will turn this challenge into an opportunity in our multi-product, high-efficiency biorefineries.

We produce bio-based ingredients such as emulsifiers and pigments for food, beverages, cosmetics, medicine and domestic detergent manufacturers. We are building a billion-dollar company and intend to become the global market leader in the ”nutrient removal” business.

Our Value Creation

To our customers, Origin by Ocean creates value by offering bio-based and non-synthetic ingredients that improve sustainability throughout the value chain up to the end user. Products of animal origin are replaced by plant-based innovations.

Baltic sea pilot plant in full-scale production by 2025

Plant uses harvested blue-green algae and bladderwrack

80,000 tons of biomass converted to 10,000 tons of products

Annual turnover in excess of €50m

Highly profitable, global scalability and licensing

We at Origin by Ocean see great potential in this biomass and want to turn an environmental problem into a valuable and viable business.

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Origin by Ocean has secured seed phase funding of €2m for the development of algae processing technology. Our pilot algae processing plant, the first of its kind in Finland, should be operational with full production capacity in 2025.

Our successful seed financing round, along with our numerous partnerships, shows us that markets are opening up for business ideas and concepts built upon a strong foundation of sustainability and the principles of a circular economy. Investors were strongly attracted to our seed financing round and their commitment to our vision confirms that we are on the right track. We now have the opportunity to carry out our plans – we will reduce the eutrophication problem in the Baltic Sea while simultaneously generating value.

The global market potential of processed algae is huge.

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Company Registration 
  • preparations towards seed investment round
  • recruitment of advisory board and business case development

Process development

  • Chemical process development
  • Biomass production and sourcing development
Recruitment - new members in the team
  • PhD of Organic Chemistry
  • PhD of Process Chemistry
  • PhD of Marine Biology
  • Lab technicians
  • Other needed personnel
Seed financing round

€3.7m - 4.7m
Equity: €1.9m
Grants and loans: €1.0 - 1.5m 

Financing round A

Equity: €6.5 - 8m
Grants and loans: €3 - 4.5m

Process pilot phase

Integrated pilot phase
Process integration and scale-up
Feedstock eco-system scale-up
Product development

Construction and ramp-up - first facility

Pre-planning 2023
Construction 2024
Ramp-up 2025-26
Full scale production 2026-27
Financing round B

€20 - 25m
Equity: €16 - 18m
Loans: €18 - 24m

Future possibilities and scaling

Construction of plants 2-5 in high potential locations

  • Indonesia
  • Gulf of Mexico / Caribbean
  • China
  • Australia