Upscaling of the Nauvu® biorefinery process

Today we are happy to announce our cooperation together with Chempolis, aimed towards our industralisation of our patented biorefinery process. We are thrilled to start this work with Chempolis and both parties are committed to continue the cooperation beyond the initial piloting activities. This is a historic event for us as we are moving closer […]

Blue green algae bloom season 2021

The winter is here and the bloom season for the Blue green algae (or cyanobacteria as they should be called) is coming to an end for this year. Since we officially launched Origin by Ocean to the public we have repeatedly been asked by the general public how they could help us. The Blue green […]

It has arrived! The first container shipment of Sargassum received from Antigua & Barbuda!

We have successfully received the first container shipment of sargassum seaweed from Antigua & Barbuda. As our process development efforts are progressing we need more feedstock material. To clarify, over the past 4months we have successfully been able to trial the sargassum as alternative feedstock in our Nauvu® biorefinery process development work, with great results. […]

Now we are part of the Plug and Play ecosystem!

“Go abroad!” they said, “Go West!” they said, So we did! Origin by Ocean is part of the Plug and Play Food Batch X accelerator program!   Origin by Ocea is shortlisted out of more than 1000 companies. Now we will participate in great the Plug and Play Food X program. We are selected as one […]

Alla med! Nu samlar vi info om blågröna alger!

Vi har idag tillsammans med våra sammarbetspartners lanserat Levä tjänsten. Med hjälp av denna tjänst samlar vi plats och bilddata om algblomningarna i Östersjö området ända till slutet av september. Delta och hjälp oss att hjälpa Östersjön! Med den insamlade datan bygger vi en djupare kunskap om algblomningarnas förekomst, var, när och hur ofta. Vi […]

Nyt valppaana, bongataan yhdessä sinilevää Itämerestä!

Olemme tänään yhteistyökumppaneidemme kanssa lanseerattu Levä palvelun. Tällä palvelulla haetaan Itämeren alueelta paikka- ja kuvatietoja sinileväkukinnoista aina syyskuun loppuun asti. Osallistu ja auta meitä auttamaan Itämerta! Kerätyillä tiedoilla rakennamme syvempää tietämystä sinileväkukinnoista, missä, milloin ja kuinka usein kukintoja esiintyy. Tarkoituksena on jatkaa palvelua tulevina kesinä ja näin meille syntyy kattava datapankki sinilevästä. Tavoitteena on luoda […]

Give her a name!

Can you imagine that yet another year has gone by? Again, we are at the break of the summer season and we are all anxious to get out on the sea. This is also true for our “Iron Lady“, our first blue green algae harvester. Some weeks ago we already made her ready and all […]

Our new company introduction video

For the Natural Balance of Ocean Life This is the reason why we exist! Join us, in our journey and enjoy this company introduction video. In this video you find an introdcution and overview to our vision, mission and business. We are on a mission to provide Cleaner water, cleaner oceans, cleaner life! So, we […]

Invasive Sargassum Seaweed As Alternative Feedstock

On 1 April 2021, a shipment of 202lbs of Invasive Sargassum Seaweed was shipped to Finland from the Antigua and Barbuda Department of Analytical Services. Here you can read about it in the local news in Antigua! On the receiving end? The team here at Origin by Ocean. Invasive Sargassum Seaweed has caused problems in […]

Better off Blue- Best Business Model, Category Winner

This week we participated in the Better off Blue event. We happily joined this online event. As all events now during these COVID-19 times this as well was an online event, organized by the Submariner network, and also included a pitch event. Origin by Ocean participated in this event in the as a category B-company. […]